I’m a street photographer.  I look for flashes of private emotion in public places.  I look for stories – real or imagined -  on the city’s streets.

            Fade: What remains?  Memory blanched in the light and toned with the passage of time.  I try my best to remember as the images fade.  With this series, I move my street photography in a new direction.  I seek to create nostalgia - fleeting sketches - with strong lines and harsh light.

Abstracts: Walls and other surfaces can tell a story. They reflect the passing of time and the passing of people.  Much as we do, they change and dissolve depending on their age and how they are formed and maintained.  Sometimes, I imagine other images in the abstract markings that age and wear have left behind. 

New York City: This is an ongoing series of portraits, shot in New York City as I move through my daily activities.  I shoot by instinct, captivated by gestures and attitude.  I know nothing of my subjects.  Yet, I seek to imagine their stories based on what they reveal and what they seem to hide.

MTA Noir:  It’s a mood I get passing through the subway.  Moving with the crowds under fluorescent lights, I wonder about the lone riders looking for a bit of escape between here and there – until they have to go back into the light.